COVID-19 Special Entry Requirement Q&A

Q: What are the entry requirements for South Korea?
A: Everyone who enters South Korea must undergo four steps in the Special Entry Procedure. This includes health declarations, quarantine, special entry, and monitoring. All inbound travelers must submit a special immigration form in accordance with special immigration procedures. Passengers will be allowed entry only if they are able to provide verifiable contact information and address for their stay in Korea. Furthermore, they must install a mobile self-diagnosis app on their phone that will be used to check their risk level of infection. Travelers must enter their symptoms once a day on the app for a 14-day period.
Q: Is self-quarantine required? 
A: Starting April 1st, anyone entering South Korea regardless of nationality must self-quarantine for 14 days. 
Q: Are there any tests upon arrival?
A: All inbound travelers regardless of nationality are required to receive a COVID-19 test. For travelers entering through Incheon International Airport, a test will be conducted at an open walk-through screening station located at the airport or at a temporary accommodation facility.
Q: Who pays for the expenses while on quarantine?
A: The Korean government provides test and medical treatment fees. However, the financial assistance on living expenses during the 14-day quarantine will not be provided. All short-term travelers will be placed at a designated government facility during the 14-day quarantine.