As of April 13, 2020, all visa-free entry to Korea by Canadians (and most other nationalities) has been temporarily suspended. At this time, the consulate is not issuing visas for any tourism and non-essential purposes. Most visas issued prior to April 5, 2020 are invalid unless it is an F-4 or C-4 visa (and a limited number of other visas).

All foreigners must apply for and receive a visa in order to board a flight to Korea (even spouses, children, and parents of Korean nationals – unless their nationality is Korean and carry valid Korean passports). Please visit the consulate website for further information.

Starting from September 2021, visa-free entry travelers, including Canadian passport holders, will be required to obtain Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) prior to entering South Korea. Travelers are required to provide information about COVID-19 and accommodation in Korea to streamline entry procedures and prevent the spread of diseases. The ETA should be applied at least 24 hours prior to boarding the flight. The ETA is valid for 2 years with multiple entries once approved. Visit K-ETA Official Site for more information.

Please visit this link for COVID19 information for visitors.